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March 8, 2023

Ideal Age For Newborn Photos

Even though I am a St. George based photographer, this little guy came to see me all the way from Cedar City for his newborn session. That is the beauty of being a photographer in St. George, we have so many surrounding areas that are still close enough by to make the trek with a newborn. So even if you can’t find a photographer that you love where you live, you know I am just a short drive away. Theo was just under 4 weeks old during his newborn session. I usually aim to get babies in around 2 weeks old, but I will never turn a baby away before 6 weeks because there really is no true timeline for these photos. There is an ideal age for newborn photos, but really it all depends on the baby. Theo slept better at 4 weeks than some of my 2 weeker babies. So again, you just really never know. We take whatever baby will give us on the day of the session.
The only reason I stop taking newborns after 6 weeks is because they usually tend to lose their flexibility by then and the posing can become uncomfortable. So if your baby is over 6 weeks, we will usually just push it out to either a tummy time session at 4/5 months or a sitter session at 6/7 months. But as one of the few St. George photographers specializing in newborns, I try not to turn any moms away, even if they reached out a little late. I believe everyone deserves to have photos taken of their precious babies. Theo had an older brother accompany him to the studio. Max was 3 at the time of the session and boy, he kept me entertained. He had a lot to talk about and I was here for it. I think my favorite part of the day was when he came up to me and said “Hey, Baby! I call my mom baby so I will call you baby.” I just about died laughing.